Phranslator is on the App Store!

Phranslator is the only web-browser which lets you select and translate words or phrases.

*You can select and translate as much text as you want (not only one word as in previous version – iLearnWords).

*MAJOR IMPROVEMENT:Changed the way you select and translate text. Now you do it in a more common way: keep pressing the screen until the usual magnifier appears. Then, you adjust the selection just the way you did it when copying text. When the menu appears above/bellow the selection, along with the “copy” option you will have the “translate” option which you may press in order to translate the selected text.

*Interface redesign: home button in the sliding address bar, search button, removed the tab bar in order to have more real estate for text, works both in portrait and in landscape mode, flipping interface

*You may delete entire lists of translations that are not needed anymore and not only one-by-one.

*Bug fix: when waiting for translation the user interface will be operational and not blocked.

*The artwork is optimized for retina display: so, no blurry things on the screen!

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8 Responses to Phranslator is on the App Store!

  1. George C says:

    Bravo! Ai idee daca merge si pe vreo versiune mai veche, nu doar pe 4.1?
    As dori sa propun developerului sa o faca compatibila si cu 4.0 sau 3.1.3.
    Bravo! Do you have an idea if it works with the older version, not just 4.1?
    I would like to propose to the developer to make compatible with 4.0 or 3.1.3.

    • ilearnwords says:

      Pot s-o fac sa mearga in 4.0, dar nu in versiuni anterioare. Cand o sa ii adaug vreo facilitate o sa rezolv si asta.

      • George C says:


        Pentru 4.0 ar fi super. O singura intrebare. Am luat deja app din app store si cind vreu sa instalez, imi spune ca nu e compatibil cu 4.0. Ce e normal. Daca o faci sa mearga cu 4.0, trebuie sa o descarc iar? Acum nu mai e free….;-)))

  2. ilearnwords says:

    Da, va trebui sa o descarci, insa nu va mai trebui sa o platesti chiar daca ea nu va fi free. Odata descarcata, o aplicatie devine a ta. Chiar daca o stergi si dupa aceea o descarci din nou, nu vei fi nevoit sa platesti. O curiozitate: de ce tii neaparat sa ramai pe 4.0?

    • George C says:

      Pe cand varianta pentru 4.o?

      • ilearnwords says:

        cat mai repede sper (sfarsitul lui decembrie). ideea e ca vreau ca update-ul sa raspunda pe cat posibil tuturor solocitarilor userilor (deci inclusiv solicitarii tale). oricum, iti multumesc pentru ca ai descarcat Phranslator si ma bucur ca il consideri interesant. poate dupa update scrii si un review in app store 🙂

  3. George C says:

    4.0 ramane varianta cea mai de baza. Nu vreau sa fiu rau, dar mi se pare cea mai stabila.

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