iLearnWords available on the App Store!

iLearnWords is an innovative application that INSTANT TRANSLATES the words in online articles just by TAPPING THEM!
The built-in compact web-browser helps you navigate to your desired website/foreign language article. Find a word that you do not know? TAP the word and the translation is right there! Also, you can bookmark the articles and pinch to zoom.
By default, the translation is made automatically from the article’s language into the language set on your device. If you wish the translation to be made into some other language, you may choose from 50 LANGUAGES available. Just turn ON the ‘ language selector’ .

Repetition is the mother of learning! That’s why all tapped words are memorized in LISTS OF WORDS, organized by date, so you will be able to consult them whenever you want.
iLearnWords is your foreign languages words professor.



Important Note:

You must have internet connection while using the app, to be able to navigate to your online articles and to be able to translate – iLearnWords is using Google in order to make the translations. When there is no internet connection you may still consult the words previously translated.

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