Phranslator – AI Vision

iPhone 5.5 Screenshot 2

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Phranslator for iPad

Phranslator for iPad lets you select words and phrases and translate them with a tap. Just like the iPhone version. Cool graphics has been added.
In a couple of hours I expect it to be live on the App Store at an incredible entry price!
Some screenshots:
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Sexy news: Phranslator for iPad is ready!

Finally I took the time to finish Phranslator for iPad. I have just submmited it to the App Store. Here’ s the new icon:

As soon as it is approved I will post here some redeem codes. So make sure you stay tuned.

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Phranslator @Appcircus 13/12/2010 – Bucharest

Phranslator is the only web browser which lets you SELECT AND TRANSLATE WORDS AND PHRASES. It teaches you foreign words and phrases while you are reading your favorite blog or website!
Find a word or phrase that you do not know? SELECT the WORD or PHRASE and tap ‘TRANSLATE’ in the menu that has just appeared. Phranslator shows you the translation right there on the screen!
By default, the translation is made automatically from the article’s language into the language set on your device. If you wish the translation to be made into some other language, you may choose from 50 LANGUAGES available. Just turn ON the ‘ language selector’ .

To help you learn efficiently, Phranslator saves the translations in lists organized by date, so you will be able to consult them whenever you want.

From now on you won’t need a dictionary while reading foreign texts!

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Phranslator – new video

Here’s a video I made to show you Phranslator at work.

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Phranslator is on the App Store!

Phranslator is the only web-browser which lets you select and translate words or phrases.

*You can select and translate as much text as you want (not only one word as in previous version – iLearnWords).

*MAJOR IMPROVEMENT:Changed the way you select and translate text. Now you do it in a more common way: keep pressing the screen until the usual magnifier appears. Then, you adjust the selection just the way you did it when copying text. When the menu appears above/bellow the selection, along with the “copy” option you will have the “translate” option which you may press in order to translate the selected text.

*Interface redesign: home button in the sliding address bar, search button, removed the tab bar in order to have more real estate for text, works both in portrait and in landscape mode, flipping interface

*You may delete entire lists of translations that are not needed anymore and not only one-by-one.

*Bug fix: when waiting for translation the user interface will be operational and not blocked.

*The artwork is optimized for retina display: so, no blurry things on the screen!

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iLearnWords 2.0 or Phranslator

iLearnWords becomes “Phranslator” which comes from “phrase translator” and changes its icon so it reflects better what it does. Stay tuned to find out what’s new! For now, it’s good to know that Phranslator has just been submitted to be approved by the App Store.

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